Gogo jailed for "spinning kick" on a child after he opens Choice Assorted before X-mas

Have you ever been reprimanded for stealing those special cookies that forever stay in your granny's bedroom, under her mattress? Well, a boy was severely beaten by his 68-year old karateka granny.

Police are investigating a possible domestic violence case after Hellen "Hell" Mokwena, a 68-year old woman with a Jiu-Jitsu black belt, kicked her grandson and broke his ribs after she mistook him for a local biscuit thief. Mokwena alleges that her community had been terrorized by a man known to locals as "Makuku/Koekemoer." She claims that the supposed thief breaks into houses and steals biscuits but police have rubbished her claims.

The gogo claims she walked in her room to find a man with a hoodie on taking biscuits under her mattresses, she wasted no time in giving the suspect a taste of her karate thuggery medicine. She claims to have stopped after the man screamed, "Gogo yimi!"

She will be making a court appearance next week for her bail hearing.

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